Sunday, October 27, 2013

Κινούμενα σχέδια Κυρ Μπούλιτσεφ #2

"Two tickets to India" - the animated film by Roman Kachanov 1985 based on the novel by Kir Bulychev .


Scientists from the planet Ged fly to India for a symposium on the protection of animals Galaxy . Because flies behind the spacecraft before the last turn around the Earth is an emergency ejection Professor Trankverri. He is in a Pioneer camp under Moscow . In India, only he did not get, as it differs from the usual tiger only so that he could speak. In this pioneer camp just are two pioneer - Julia fungal and Dmitry Semyonov, who decide to help the professor. But how to get it as it is in India? For help they turn to Julia's grandmother Vera Gribkova, which in turn calls and calls for help from his childhood friend Nicholas Yasnova - now the keeper of wild animals in the circus . Circus just had to go on tour to India, and therefore agrees to coach Trankverri with a ...